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Benefits* of Joining the Marine Corps League


Normally, every individual is interested in knowing how joining an organization will benefit them personally.  Sometimes that benefit is transformed into how the individual might contribute to the organization.  Every Detachment and every MCL member should be able to respond to the question of "How does the Marine Corps League benefit me?"  These are some of the benefits provided by the Marine Corps League.


  • A voice in Congressional and Legislative matters (as a result of the Congressional Charter) on a National level. The Department also has a legislative Officer that participates on a Department level.

  • A periodic magazine that provides information on the Marine Corps, the League, Departments, and Detachments.

  • The most important benefits are those that occur at the Detachment level:

  • Association with Marines from all eras and various units

  • Opportunity to contribute and support Detachment programs

  • Opportunity to work with Marines to achieve worthwhile objectives

  • Opportunity to support Marines and their families

  • The reward of personal and Detachment accomplishment and achievement


If you have earned the the right to wear the "Eagle, Globe and Anchor", and are currently on Active duty or were Honorably discharged, then you are eligible to apply for MCL membership.  Click on the link to tell us you want to join the Marine Corps League as a member of the Detachment.













* Taken from the Marine Corps League Guidebook for Detachment Officers (updated November 2007), Part I, Paragraph 1.9    

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