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Military Order of the Devil Dog (MODD)


We are the Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League.


Unlike some other organizations, all members of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs are created equal. Only regular members of the Marine Corps League in good standing, with one continuous year of membership, may be “asked” to apply for membership. The success of the Pound is up to its membership and especially up to its leadership. The Kennel and the Pack will help, but they will not do the work for the Pound nor can they guarantee its success.


If you have earned the the right to wear the "Eagle, Globe and Anchor", and are currently on Active duty or were Honorably discharged, then you are eligible to apply for MCL membership.  Click on the link below to tell us you want to join the Marine Corps League as a Detachment member, and are interested in eventually becoming a "Devil Dog".


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