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The video's on this page are of interest to the Detachment members.

Retreat, Hell! (War Drama) 1952 Frank Lovejoy

Retreat, Hell! is a 1952 American war film about the 1st Marine Division in the Korean War, directed by Joseph H. Lewis. It stars Frank Lovejoy as a career Marine battalion commander who is recalled from work at an American embassy, Richard Carlson as a veteran captain and communications specialist of World War II called up from the Marine Corps Reserves, Russ Tamblyn as a seventeen-year-old private who hides his true age to serve with the unit overseas and outdo his older brother, also a Marine, and Nedrick Young (credited as Ned Young). Also appearing in the film is Colonel Pierre (Peter) Julien Ortiz OBE , a highly decorated Marine who served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and appeared in various films after retiring from the military.  Access this Wikipedia page for more information about the movie .

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